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Want to take a ride in the amazing Mosquito XE?

  1. Introduction
  2. Preflight Inspection
  3. Panel Preflight and Description
  4. Start and Warm Up
  5. Cattle Caper
  6. Normal Takeoff and Approach To A Landing
  7. Running Takeoff
  8. Run On Landing
  9. Maximum Performance Takeoff
  10. Steep Approach and Landing
  11. Quick Stop
  12. Engine Failure During 3 Foot Hover
  13. Engine Failure During 10 Foot Hover
  14. Engine Failure During 20 Foot Hover
  15. Engine Failure During Takeoff At Translational Lift
  16. Engine Failure During Takeoff At 30 MPH
  17. Engine Failure During Takeoff At 40 MPH
  18. Straight In Autorotation To Powered Recovery
  19. Straight In Autorotation To Touchdown
  20. 180 Degree Autorotation To Touchdown On Target
  21. 180 Degree Autorotation To Touchdown Undershooting Target
  22. 180 Degree Autorotation To Touchdown Overshooting Target Area
  23. Throttle Chop
  24. Tail Rotor Control Failure
  25. Trip To Friend’s For Pinnacle Or Ridgeline Operations
  26. Ending

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The video begins with my introduction and about a 5 minute explanation of the regulations governing the building of ultralight and amateur built aircraft and how they pertain to Mosquito helicopters built using an Innovator Technologies kit

Then I proceed to do a preflight inspection which allows a viewer to see many of the components of a Mosquito helicopter close up as well as get a general idea of some of the things to be inspected prior to each flight. I then do a detailed explanation of the instrument panel and talk through the start and warm up procedure.

The flying begins with a fun and light hearted mission to play around with some of the family livestock and demonstrates the nimbleness of the Mosquito as well as its ability to be used in a practical application other than for purely recreational flying.

The flight maneuvers in tracks 6 through 22 and 24 are shown 3 times. The first showing includes views from three cameras, a helmet camera, an external camera and a ground based camera. In this showing the primary view is from the helmet camera which shows the view out the windshield as well as the instrument panel and both rudder pedals. It also includes the synchronized external and ground views shown as picture in picture windows. This showing allows the viewer to see not only what I see from the helmet but also the external view of the controls and how they are being manipulated as well as the view from the ground showing the attitude of the helicopter all at the same time.

The second showing is of the same maneuver from the view of the external camera only and devotes the entire screen to this camera allowing for a larger look at the control manipulations.

The third showing is from the ground camera only and gives a larger look at the attitude of the helicopter and the flight path and profile relative to the ground.

All maneuvers are either pre-briefed or narrated throughout to give the viewer an understanding of what is taking place during each segment.

Total length of the DVD is just over 2 hours and 9 minutes.

Short of some yet to be developed simulator, this video probably allows a viewer to get as close as possible to experiencing what it is like to fly the Mosquito XE through many different flight maneuvers. However, I do want to stress that this video is not intended, nor should it be used as a substitute for helicopter flight training with a certified helicopter flight instructor. Its sole purpose is to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Mosquito XE in the hands of a properly trained, qualified, and experienced helicopter pilot for the entertainment of those who view it.